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2015 Statistics  

Year-End Statistics for San Mateo County

Shortage of Inventory, Low Interest Rates, and Continued Positive Economic Conditions Fueled the Real Estate Market

From the Chart below, you can see that we peaked in the Days on the Market early and late in the year, which is to be expected.  The average for the year was slightly above 25 days on the market which is pretty decent.  The Sale Price to List Price ratio, in blue, peaked in May but was healthy and above 107.55% on average all year!  

The lower chart shows the average sale price peaked also in May for the year but stayed relatively strong throughout the year.  The Sale Prices peaked in and averaged $1,585K for the year.


2014 Statistics  

Year-End Statistics for San Mateo County


In 2014, we had a strong real estate market as seen below from the Sale Price to List Price ratios throughout the year averaging over 105%.  They peaked in April and reached over 107.7%.  The Days on the Market settled down a bit after the early part of the year and stayed relatively steady.  They averaged about a little over 30 days.  The average sale price for the year, in the lower chart held pretty steady and averaged close to $1.4Million.  




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Housing Market Update for Closed 12 months through Jan 2014

San Mateo County Statistics 

Here are the Statistics for the February 2013 period through January 2014.  

  • The average price for a home sold in San Mateo County was $1,236,522 up from $944K 

  • Our peak average sale price was in May where we had the least amount of inventory.  

  • Our days on the market in December 2013 were at 52, our highest for the year and that is where we had the lowest sale price to list price ratio pretty much for the year.  

  • It follows that January of this year, we saw a reduction in the number of days on the market resulting in a higher yield of the sales price.... it all makes sense for a change.

So, we are in a Seller's market but overpriced homes do sit on the market as the Buyers are well informed.  Rates have been creeping up so it makes more sense to get that low rate rather than wait for the price to go lower as your rate is extremely sensitive.

Try looking at $1,000,000 home price with 80% mortgage at 4% interest only - total interest is $32,000 per year

If the rate goes up only 1/2 of 1% so from 4% to 4.5%, the interest cost goes to $36,000 per year which is equivalent to buying a home that is 13% higher in price at 4%... $1,130,000 with 80% mortgage at 4% interest rate, interest cost for the year would be $36,110.

The good word is pay attention to interest rate changes over home price changes.  You will live with that rate for a while.



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Housing Market Update December 2013

San Mateo Country Statistics

Here are the Statistics for the December 2012 period through November 2013.  

  • The average price for a home sold in San Mateo County is $944K  vs. in December 2012 where it was at $800K.  

  • Our peak average sale price was in May and in July at $960K.  

  • Our days on the market in December 2012 were at 60 and in November 2013 they were down at 50.  The lowest point in the days on the market was in June at 27.  

So, the market has been fluctuating as you may have heard.  It is still a good market.  Sellers and Buyers seem to be happy.

Housing Market Update

San Mateo County Statistics

Here are the Statistics for San Mateo County.  The Market is holding above the $1.2M mark!!!

Our Average sales price in San Mateo County has been holding steady above the $1.2M mark since April.... that is an amazing feat especially with interest rates rising.     Our Days on the market has gone up a bit and is slightly over 30 days but is very respectable.   Those who price well and stage their homes continue to see sales in the one week to 10-day period.   Do remember however, that Buyers are very well informed and you still need to price your home very well and have it looking its best to take advantage of the up-bid process!

Avg DOM & Sale to List Price Ratio Edit
Time frame is from Jul 2012 to Aug 2013
Property Sub Class is 'Single Family Residential'
County CountyCodeName is 'SMC San Mateo'
Results calculated from approximately 6,400 listings


As you can see from below, the price per square foot has remained very strong at approximately $617/sq. ft in the last four months and the Sale Price to List Price ratio has been also holding steady at approximately 106%!!!  These are very healthy statistics and if you are thinking of buying or selling it is a Great Market in which to participate!!!!

Housing Market Update

San Mateo County Statistics

As you have heard in the media, our market is hot.... Here are some interesting statistics for San Mateo County.

Our Average sales price in San Mateo County has now surpassed $1,200M!!!   Our Days on the market in the last twelve months have peaked in November of 2012 and are now just a bit over 20 days... now that takes into account bank owned and short sales which will tend to take that average higher.   So the bottom line is we are back in a hot and heavy Seller's market!  Buyers are very well informed and you still need to price your home well to take advantage of the upbid process!


Also below are more statistics for San Mateo County:

The average $/square foot in San Mateo County has gone from approximately $500/sq. ft in 2012 to over $600/sq. ft. in the most recent months.  This is a VERY significant change.  You can cal so see how the Sale Price to List Price ratio has skyrocketed over the noted period.  All good news for Sellers... not so great for Buyers.... however, as I have been known to say, Buyers don't typically buy in a Buyer's market.... they feel comforted to know they are not the only ones taking the plunge.




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