You are about to make one of the most important financial decisions in your life. Before you purchase a home it is essential to secure the best solutions for what we call the Top 5. Below is a brief description of how Samia Realty Group can help you connect with the best professionals in each field in order to make the right choices when buying a home.

1. Licensed Realtor: An experienced Realtor that knows not only the area and communities but has mastered negotiating in the current market.

2. Lender: A local lender that is NOT a broker that can lock you in and even float down your rate.

3. Attorney: A local Real Estate attorney that can help navigate any legal issues and understand any ramifications when purchasing certain types of properties.

4. Accountant: Utilizing an expert to take full advantage of your tax breaks and any incentives when purchasing a home.

5. Insurance Company: Typically you will get a discount when pairing your car insurance with home owner's insurance. Samia Realty Group will connect you with a local representative that can show you how to obtain all the discounts with a policy.

You can find out more about how all of these professionals combine for a smooth process with your Initial Counseling Session with Samia Realty Group. During this session you will learn the essential parts of the transaction and how to partner with Samia Realty Group to make sure nothing is missed. You will find out more about:

1. Getting your offer accepted over other buyers

2. Obtaining the best interest rate and terms

3. Discounts & Packages offered exclusively with Samia Realty Group

4. Utilizing your Earnest Money

5. The "Loopholes" of any offer that can protect you

6. The different styles of homes & current market activity

You can assist us to make sure your first meeting with us answers all your questions by filling out the Needs vs. Wants form- simply click here: Needs v. Wants.

Please send your answers for the Needs v. Wants and requested time to meet with Samia Realty Group to

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