Why some crowdsourced reviews are untrustworthy

The anonymity of crowdsourced review sites such as Yelp is a breeding ground for fraudulent reviews from unscrupulous businesses, writes John Quain. Recent moves from large companies, such as Google's decision to buy Zagat, demonstrates that there might be a trend away from crowdsourcing and toward professional content, he writes. FoxNews.com (9/12)

What to do before an audit

Internal Revenue Service audits may include income analyses in which auditors compare your bank transactions against the income listed on your tax returns. Before an audit, perform this comparison yourself, while keeping in mind the number will not match up with the adjusted gross income listed on your Form 1040, Bonnie Lee writes. The figures listed on the form will be higher because they include withheld taxes, for example. Fox Business (9/15)

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