What you need to know about smart pricing

Pricing your products and services is a key part of doing business, and yet many companies don't make it a priority during the product-development process, according to Kevin Mitchell of the Professional Pricing Society. "It works much better if you consider the pricing from the start and have everything else follow behind that, because the price is essentially the money that you're going to get," he said. You should also realize that your customers may be less price-sensitive than you think. Intuit Small Business Blog (1/11)

Complex tax code breeds mistrust, watchdog says

The complexity of the nation's tax code can make it hard for individuals and companies to ensure they're following the rules, and it can also take a toll on trust, according to National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson. Tax law "undermines trust in the system by creating an impression that many taxpayers are not compliant," Olson said. Leaders in both political parties seem to be in favor of revamping the tax code, but they have had an acrimonious relationship recently. Courier-Post (Camden-Cherry Hill, N.J.)/The Associated Press (1/12)


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