Everyday we hear of new reports and statistics regarding climate change and global warming. These reports indicate how imperative it is that we all do our part to help preserve this fragile planet we live on. Not everyone knows what they can do, or how to start.

The easiest place to start would be at home. Listed below are few simple things that all homeowners can do to kick start a home recycling plan. Don't feel like you have to do everything at once, unless you want to, which would be great. Implementing a home recycling program  will change some of the current processes in your home, but it shouldn't take long to get use to these new ways of doing things and change your habits.

Curbside or Drop-off Recycling
According to Earth 911, curbside recycling is offered to half the U.S. population which provides homeowners a convenient way to recycle a variety of different materials such as, plastic, paper, aluminum cans, glass bottles and steel/tin cans . For those areas where curbside recycling is not offered, recycling drop-off locations are a fabulous alternative.

Stop Using Plastic Shopping Bags
Plastic bags are not biodegradable and are threatening our marine life and clogging our landfills. A simple step in your home recycling plan would be to stop using plastic shopping bags. There are so many alternative shopping bag sources out there now with many large, and small, stores offering canvas reusable bags for less than a dollar each.

Composting is a fabulous way to limit the amount of garbage in your garbage cans and ultimately the amount of garbage you add to our landfills. An added benefit of composting is the nutrient-rich fertilizer you will create for your gardens using organic  materials from your home.

For additional information visit Earth 911 or contact your local home waste collection service provider.