Prevent data-tracking and protect your privacy online

Small businesses need to be increasingly focused on protecting data to maintain online privacy. This week, the Federal Trade Commission urged Internet companies to adopt stricter privacy policies and implement a "Do Not Track" system. Other ways consumers can prevent data-tracking include using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), enabling private browsing and deleting or preventing cookies. (4/11)

A 3-month plan to getting a handle on cash flow

Tom Gray, a SCORE mentor, recommends following the 13 Week Cash Flow Statement model to understand your business cash flow and make forecasts based on it. The spreadsheet tracks expenses made over one business quarter and can be very useful for getting bank loans. SCORE Small Business Success Blog (4/11)

How social media fits into your master marketing plan

Think of using social media as a layer in your overall marketing and sales strategy, writes John Jantsch. Use social media to understand your customers even if their updates on Twitter and Facebook seem mundane, and use it as a form of search engine optimization to drive customers to your online content. He also advises small businesses to get to know journalists that cover their industry in hopes to increase their chances of media coverage. Duct Tape Marketing (4/13)


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