How to use social media to get your current customers to spend more

Social media marketing isn't just good for finding new customers; it can also be used to encourage your current customers to make additional purchases, Monika Jansen writes. You can accomplish this by offering engaging content and by providing special discounts for customers who make a certain number of purchases, she writes. "For example, you could offer a coupon to your Facebook community, providing them with a discount off their fourth purchase," she writes. Smart Biz (6/21)

Be wary of text messages offering gift cards

Scammers are looking to gain access to people's personal data by sending text messages that claim recipients have won gift cards. Simply receiving one of these messages doesn't put you in danger, but you should avoid clicking on any links, said BBB's Stephanie Knight. "If you don't know someone, if you don't recognize the number, don't give them access," she said. WALA-TV (Mobile, Ala.) (6/21)


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