How to avoid college financial-aid scams

Crooks may be planning to scam families who are looking for money to help their children attend college, according to BBB. "We just want to try to get the word out to as many folks as possible to be wary when researching opportunities," said BBB's Kevin Hinterberger. If you decide to seek outside help, you should carefully research companies and ask a lot of questions. WFMY-TV (Greensboro, N.C.)/Piedmont Triad, N.C. (6/24)

What you should know about 1099-MISC forms

If you have paid a contractor at least $600 for business purposes, you might need to issue him or her a 1099-MISC form, Ray Martin writes. But such forms don't need to be sent out for personal payments, he notes. CBS MoneyWatch (6/27)

You have to trust your team if you hope to be its leader

Successful leaders have to trust their employees and avoid micromanagement, writes Doug Guthrie. "Without trust, empowerment is impossible, worker commitment dissolves and work is not scalable," he writes. Employees may sometimes fail, but they will work harder if leaders have given them their trust. Forbes (6/27)

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