Google's search ads may be more effective than you think

A recent study has found that customers who are acquired via search advertisements on Google are worth more than previously thought. "In their lifetime, they could be an active customer, repeatedly making purchases, and the cumulative amount of these purchases, that's sort of the profit stream we should take into account," said researcher Ying Xie. (4/9) 

Will small merchants be prepared for smart cards?

So-called "smart cards" are coming to the U.S., and small firms need to prepare to deal with them as payment, writes Brian Goudie, senior vice president at First Data, a global technology and payments-processing company. While it's not clear when chip cards will be widely used, Goudie asserts that small merchants need to decide now if they'll process them using standardized fraud-technology standards known as EMV, for EuroPay, MasterCard, and Visa, the three firms that created the standard. Small Business Trends (4/6)


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