BBB: Be on the lookout for fake Groupon e-mails

Unscrupulous individuals are sending out e-mails purporting to be from Groupon that include attachments with viruses, according to BBB. Spelling or grammar errors are one way to tell that an e-mail may be fraudulent; in this case, the fake Groupon e-mails misspell the word "discount." Avoid opening attachments unless you are sure of the identity of the sender.KJRH-TV (Tulsa, Okla.) (9/11)

How to get a handle on your company's finances

Now is the time to improve your financial-management practices by looking over your business plan and developing a written budget, Christian Oey writes. "You should review your budget on a monthly basis to ensure you're on track, but if cash flow seems tight, then do it more often." You should also look for opportunities to save money and make sure your books are in order, Oey writes. Dynamic Business online (Australia) (9/13)


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