As you know, Opes Advisors provides integrated personal finance advice that encompasses stocks, bonds, real estate and real estate financing. Our unique expertise enables us to provide our clients with guidance in positioning all of their assets to develop an overall strategy that is most effective in turning out their financial future.

With our expertise and our proprietary software, Opes Advantage™, we can actively and objectively evaluate the tradeoffs within life and shows the financial impact those "what ifs" and associated decisions can have on specific goals for your future.

This active – and interactive – program allows our advisors to immediately modify criteria and assumptions to reflect the changes and opportunities that regularly occur in people’s lives. And, it can be instantly modified as often as needed to consider additional scenarios.

For example, our clients (a 40 year old couple with three young children) were considering moving up to a bigger home. They have about $500,000 in equity in their current home and were considering buying a home for $1,200,000. Their annual income is $225,000 and they wanted to put 30% down on their purchase.

The detailed analysis of their situation revealed that if this couple followed the above approach, they will deplete their invested assets by age 75.

We proposed a number of various “what ifs” for them to consider.
What if they. . . .

•    Put 20% down on the house instead and fully fund a 529 Plan with the difference?
•    Maximize contributions to their 401k and receive some matching from their employers?
•    Reduce their household expenses by $500 a month?
•    Retire at age 65 instead of age 63?

With the immediate and client specific results our software provides, we can determine which variables can be adjusted to create the most significant impact on my clients' financial futures. In fact, we determined that by making some relatively minor changes in their actions, their assets should never run out. You can click here to view the impact of the various "what ifs" we explored with them.

In experiencing the power of these results, our clients were relieved of the insecurity of wondering how their decision would impact them and were able to move forward with confidence.

As always, please call me to discuss specific situations or to schedule time to review the various “what ifs” in life.

Andy Block - Mortgage Advisor & Financial Advisor
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