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Why Americans Consider Moving to Another State?

by Keeping Current Matters

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Where Did Americans Move in 2016?

by Keeping Current Matters

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Americans Are On the Move

by Keeping Current Matters

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Relocation and Home Buying

by Samia S. Morgan

Every year thousands of homeowners relocate to another city or state for new jobs, educational opportunities or other reasons both personal and professional. If you are planning to relocate, planning ahead is your best stategy for a less stressful and successful move. 

Purchasing a new home in an unfamiliar area can be difficult and you don't want to make a home buying mistake or buy in the wrong neighborhood. Below are a few tips to help you make the right decisions.

Start your research online by searching for information on the city, coupled with information or housing. Check out the websites of the local Chamber of Commerce, the major newspaper for the city, the local police department's Web site to check crime stats.

Locate a real estate agent in the area. Agents can be a wealth of information and can help you with your search. Many agents tend to specialize in neighborhoods and can assist you.

Work on a moving budget. Relocating to a new city can be expensive, the further you have to move the more it will cost. Start your research by investigating different moving companies and how they charge for their services. Check out this website, that will help to give you quotes for moving based on different specifications.

5 GREAT Relocating Tips

by Samia S. Morgan
Your boss has just given you the career opportunity of a lifetime, but the job is in another state.

Soon you discover that moving your family to another city may be one of life’s hardest tasks. The thought of leaving behind old friends and schools for a strange town can be frightening. The biggest challenge of all, however, it to preserve the equity in your housing investment so you will be able to purchase a similar home in the new location.

Not to worry. Even in these uncertain times homeowners can sell at very satisfactory prices in a reasonable period of time. The secret? Pay attention to details, utilize marketing savvy and price the home to sell quickly.

The following tips can help you get that “sold” sign up fast.

OFFER THE RIGHT PRICE. Start with a price that is reasonable for your neighborhood and the size of your home. Comparing the price of your home with similar nearby listings is an easy way to be sure you are offering the right price. Comparing the opinions of two independent appraisers will also help you avoid over-pricing.

PAY PART OF THE CLOSING COSTS…usually 3 to 5 percent of the loan amount. This will attract those first-time buyers who are short on cash for down-payment and closing costs. Offering to turn over personal property such as washing machines and dryers, refrigerators and flower boxes can also attract buyers looking for the best deal.

ACCEPT CONTINGENCY AGREEMENTS. Make your sale contingent upon the sale of the buyer’s home. This takes away buyers’ fears of juggling two properties and mortgages at the same time.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CORPORATE RELOCATION TRADE. Be sure that your broker is connected to a relocation network – one capable of bringing in buyers from distant places. And, of course, try to get your employer to provide you with relocation assistance, too.

MAKE YOUR HOME STAND OUT. Fresh paint and flowers can go a long way in impressing buyers. Tend to such details as moving the lawn, fixing stubborn doorknobs and sliding doors, and straightening up the basement. Remember, your home’s appearance on the day it’s shown can make or break a sale.

The bottom line is that sellers should take the time to make their home as attractive as possible. Compiling helpful tips for the buyer about school districts, utility bills and directions to the nearest shopping mall can go a long way in selling your house quickly.

With a little work and an active real estate agent, chances are good that your house will sell fast in today’s buyer’s market.

Now We're Moving; Where Do The Kids Go To School?

by Samia S. Morgan

Deciding to make a move can be stressful, and then to have to make a decision about where your children will attend school adds additional pressure.

There are numerous resources available to assist you with your search for the right educational facilities for your kids and to help you get started you may want to take a look at the following school listings:

From Great Schools.

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