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Samia Morgan Helps Make Your San Mateo Move Easier

by Samia S. Morgan
Using Technology To Bring Buyers and Sellers Together, Saving Them Time and Money! Stay informed on the latest
Real Estate Update for San Mateo, CA

I pride myself on using the latest technology to assist my clients in their home search and making the transaction as seamless as possible. In an effort to stand behind this promise I also offer FREE use of a moving van when you buy or sell with me.

For more information please do no hesitate to contact me.

San Francisco CA Bay Area Neighborhood Information and Resources

by Samia S. Morgan

My neighborhood websites were designed specifically for you--Created with all of your needs and interests in mind.

Please enjoy your neighborhood site and use it often. You might even want to bookmark it! These sites offer you the information you need at your finger tips.

If you have friends or family who might be interested in any of the information you find submitted here, simply email the page to them!

Be sure to check out the pages that highlight our local parks, restaurants and select travel destinations in Northern California. I hope you will find all of this information useful.

Please send me an email with your suggestions on how we can improve these sites and remember, each site is absolutely FREE and was designed exclusively for you and your neighbors!

Alameda Area Neighbors


Hayward Park

San Mateo Knolls

San Mateo Village

Sterling Downs

Sunnybrae Neighborhood

San Mateo Opening Doors in Our Community

by Samia S. Morgan

The Houseing Endowment and Regional Trust (HEART) has announced they will be launching a new home buyers assistance program this spring called Opening Doors in Our Community.

San Mateo County has a strong local economy, but it has become increasingly harder, for some people that make up our workforce, to afford to buy homes here. HEART wants to help these people "put down roots" here instead of having to relocate outside the county and commute to work everyday.

The Opening Doors in Our Community Program  will be available to low to middle income workers who live or work in San Mateo County and meet some specific qualification factors such as:

·          household income, up to a maximum of $150,000;

·          location of borrower’s current job or residence and location of property to be purchased;

·          borrower is a first-time buyer or a “move-closer” buyer—one who sells primary residence to buy another one that is substantially closer to the transit corridor; and

·          satisfactory credit.

Heart will officially launch the Opening Doors in Our Community, home buyers assistance program once they have reached a Reserve Credit of $1.5 million with the help of private-sector businesses. Once this Reserve Credit has been met, this will leverage $50 million in primary mortgage loans below market terms.

Visit HEART of San Mateo County for information regarding qualification factors and which occupations may qualify for the Opening Doors in Our Community program.

Energy Efficient Homes - Tax Credit to Homeowners

by Samia S. Morgan

As we take time now to gather receipts and information for our 2007 income tax returns we are often not aware of all the income tax credits that we may be allowed. Did you know that as homeowners, we are allowed an additional tax credit for improving the energy efficiency of our homes?


Under this tax law, homeowners are provided a 10% credit for purchasing energy efficient improvements for your existing main place of residence in the United States. In order to be eligible for this tax credit, the items purchased have to meet specific criteria as set forth by the 2000 Energy Conservation Code.


The following items are eligible:


  • Insulation systems that reduce heat loss/gain
  • Exterior windows (including skylights)
  • Exterior doors
  • Metal roofs (meeting applicable Energy Star requirements)


Tax credits are also offered to taxpayers for expenses to the home that qualifies as a residential energy property. A residential energy property is also determined by meeting specific requirements as set forth by the Secretary of The Treasury.


Eligible expenses include the following:


  • $50 for each advanced main air circulating fan
  • $150 for each qualified natural gas, propane, or oil furnace or hot water boiler
  • $300 for each item of qualified energy efficient property.


Additional credits can be taken for the following:


  • Qualified solar panels
  • Qualified solar water heating equipment
  • Qualified fuel cell power plant


For more detailed information on Energy Credits for Homeowners, including maximum allowable credits, visit the IRS website.

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