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Social Security Will Pay Out More Than It Receives

by Andy Block - Mortgage Advisor

With most things in life, it’s nice to be ahead of schedule. However, last week The New York Times noted that in 2010 the social security system will pay out more benefits than it receives. While we all knew this day would come we, unfortunately, didn’t expect it to arrive six years ahead of schedule.

The facts are we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the burden of accumulating for one’s retirement. Individuals are responsible for accumulating enough wealth to support their retirement. And the good news/bad news is that we are experiencing a significant change in life expectancy. We get to enjoy life longer but we will probably work longer and have a considerably longer retirement than our parents. We also face uncertain health care costs that can drain portions of our retirement savings.

Here’s the good news:

  • Studies show that doing planning for these financial matters changes actions (if we don’t know where we are heading, the likelihood of getting there is slim). Once we understand how much will be needed at retirement and what choices available (and that we do have choices), we can move into action to change the trajectory of accumulation and produce satisfactory results.

At Opes Advisors, we regularly work with our clients to help them understand the interdependence of their Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, and Real Estate Financing and to make effective financial decisions. Managing our clients investments and liabilities through the conflicting tradeoffs of these four components is our unique expertise. This is especially relevant in the Bay Area where real estate is one of the most important assets in our clients' portfolios.

Every financial decision matters. Please contact me for help in making informed and strategic financial and/or mortgage decisions.

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Cutting Your Property Tax

by Samia S. Morgan

Being a homeowner comes with many expenses, one large one being property taxes. There are some ways you can your property tax bill, one being a propery reassessment.

Property taxes are typically calculated based on an official assessment of your home’s value. Because the value of many home's have dropped in the last few years, you can challenge what the value of your home is currently valued at and thus reduce your tax by hundreds of dollars. Even before you seek an assessment, it is a good idea to check your records to make sure there are no mistakes. Simple typos and incorrect information can cause homeowners to be.

With the current economic crisis, many counties are raising property taxes in an attempt to balance their fiscal budgets and reduce their deficits. According to a survey by the National Association of Counties, a group that represents county taxes, about 18% of counties whose fiscal year begins between January and June increased property taxes to address revenue shortfalls.

Whether you are planning to sell your home in the near future or are planning to stay for a few more years, it is worth trying to get a reassessment. Keep in mind that if you can reduce your taxes, it will be a great selling tool.

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