Eventhough the official start of Summer is a few weeks away, homeowners all over the Bay area are already in the midst of home projects and lawn care. Below are some tips to help you get your home in tip top summer shape.

  1. Lawn tools and care – make sure your lawnmower and other lawn and garden tools are in good working order. Its a good idea to have a tune up and your blade sharpened. Adding fresh oil and fuel is also a good idea. Consider colored flowers and plants that will provide color in small spaces or on patios if you have limited garden space.
  2. Clean up patio furniture and your outdoor grill, wash your windows and tidy up walkways. Now is the perfect time to create an outdoor living area for your family and friends. String lights or simple lanterns can also be affordable ways to add nice interest to your porch or patio. If you have a pool, make sure your filter systems and pumps are clean and ready to operate at full steam.
  3. Treat for pests – find a reputable pest control company to do a general treatment for summertime bugs like spiders and mosquitoes; invest in citronella candles and family friendly bug spray.
  4. Have your AC system serviced – it’s a good idea to have a semi-annual checkup before the real heat of summer puts pressure on your HVAC system.
  5. Make sure your home is energy efficient – check weather stripping and window seals and make sure that none of that cool air inside is escaping outside; keep your temperatures moderate in the house so that your systems don’t go into overdrive during the hottest part of the day.

Enjoy the treats of long summer days – both indoor and outdoor comforts and pleasures. Summer always goes fast!